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  • 能寫和說中文,廣東話,普通话及國語。
  • Former President of Honolulu Piano Teachers Association
  • Former Vice-President of Hawaii Music Teachers Association
  • Former Board of Director of University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Arts & Science Alumni Association (CASAA)
  • Nationally Certified Teachers of Music (NTCM)

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We specialize in teaching all ages from 3 and above. We guide each and every one of our students through flexible, well-balanced, structured and carefully designed tailor-made lesson plans to fill what it needs to get them to and beyond where they want to be.

We believe that music instruction should be:

  1. Enjoyable, Motivating, Satisfying and Rewarding;
  2. Built on a solid technical foundation and an insightful knowledge, appreciation and understanding of music and its fundamentals to empower ultimate musical expressions of the inner soul and spirit;
  3. Tailor-made to inspire creativity, fulfill each individual's goals and maximize the individual's potential and capability.